Windows Media Encoder Series 9

Discovering the power of Windows Media Encoder Series 9. I’m really poor with match and have to believe I’ve made some kind of error but it appears that Media Encoder crunched a 780 meg avi file down to a 9 meg wmv file. And it still looks pretty good. I don’t see how that can be. Feeling my way along with new tools and you can check out a couple of early projects. The first is a 5 minute montage of pix from many moons ago. The second is a sixty second trailer for an 18 minute piece I did on The Derry Brownfield Show (did I post this already?).

Till now, I’ve really tried to make everything work for folks still on dial-ups but I think I gotta let that go. Life is just shitty at anything less than broadband. I know, I was there for many years. It just sucks and I’m sorry about it. So get cable if you can or DSL. If not, just check your email and forget the web. It really isn’t there for a dial-up.

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