Twenty-four Years

If you only make one correct decision in your life, finding the right partner is the one to make. Barb and I got married 24 years ago today. The ceremony was held in her parent’s living room and took about 15 minutes. I wore a sportcoat and tie, Barb a nice suit. After the ceremony the minister rode off on his bike and we went out to the patio where most of our friends were listening to the MU football game. We guzzled beer all afternoon and then went home to change into our costumes for the annual Halloween party/reception. Barb and I dated for six years before we made it official, so we’ve been together for 30 years. Not one real argument in all that time. I have never been nagged about anything, large or small. Up until “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” (she liked it, I left after 10 minutes and went across the hall and watched Triple-X) we agreed on almost every movie we ever saw. We like and read the same books. She thinks I’m funny. I think she’s the kindest, most even-tempered person I’ve ever met. Another 30 would be just about right.

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