Attended my first Missouri Tiger Football game on Saturday. Our company has had the broadcast rights for all of the 18 years I’ve been with the company and this is the first time I’ve attended a game. I’m just not a football fan. Even Barb –who is a fan– thought the game was boring enough to leave at the half. So we missed seeing the fans tear down the goal posts. This was, I gather, something of an embarrassment since the team the beat –Kansas– wasn’t very good. It’s a little difficult for me to imagine the people sitting around me mustering enough enthusiasm to rip open a bag of chips, let alone demolish some big metal goal posts. I’m not much on well-mannered crowds, let alone mobs so it’s probably best I left early. Apparantly the players led the attack on the goal posts. They talked it about it on the post-game broadcast (move the Media Player slider in to the 4 hour 12 minute mark)

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