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In Des Moines for the Radio Iowa 15th anniversary party. Kay’s caterer backed out when she learned pork would be served. And we’re not talking those little bacon wraps on the cocktail weenies. These were huge, Iowa pork chops. Oy vey.

When I arrived at the hotel I learned that my room would not have HBO. (“We got Show Time, isn’t that the same thing?”) No, it’s not. HBO is showing the season finale of Sex and the City and The Wire. HBO is the home of Six Feet Under. And The Sopranos. And Band of Brothers. And just about everything I think is worth watching on…well, it’s not TV, it’s HBO. I cancelled my reservation and scooted across the street to a Fairfield Inn. “Do you have HBO?” I asked. “For another month or so,” replied the young lady at the registration desk. “The chain is getting rid of HBO because we’re pretty much a ‘family hotel’ and we got a lot of complaints about the adult content.”

So, one of two things is happening here. The parents are leaving their children alone in the hotel room where they can (could) hear Dennis Miller say “fuck”… or the parents are in the room with the kids but are unable stop them from watching HBO. But, hey, I give a shit. I get to watch the great HBO programming and that’s really all I care about.

You know what really amazes me? Not just how many people don’t have HBO, but how many people have never seen any of these shows. Or have any interest in finding out what all the buzz is about. The Sopranos? (“Yeah, I think I heard someone talking about that show. It’s a mob thing, right?”)

And it’s not just HBO. It’s all kinds of things. I’ve quit talking about XM Satellite Radio. I can’t stand the puzzled looks. (“So, it’s radio from a satellite or something? Huh.”) Now, I don’t expect everybody to run out and plop down a couple of hundred bucks for one of these, but how could you not have even heard about it? Same thing for blogging. Articles in Newsweek, Time, The Wall Street Journal… all over the Web. Never heard of it. (“So, it’s a web page…but different?”)

What are you people doing with your lives?

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