I feel the need for speed

Did you know Tim Robbins was in Top Gun? I didn’t and I bet I’ve seen that movie (1986) ten times. I spotted him in a crowd scene on the carrier deck after Tom has spashed the four migs. Internet Movie Database lists his character as Merlin. I just don’t remember that being a speaking part. IMDB lists half a dozen earlier credits, including one of the assasins in Network.

What was I going to say? Oh, I finally got DSL (ADSL to be precise). For the past two years I’ve been paying $100 a month for an ISDN account (128kbps). The DSL is four times as fast for half as much. Life is good at 512kbps. For the last two days my digital life has been flashing through my head. 2400 baud modems. Logging on to my first BBS. 4800 baud modems. CompuServe. 9600 baud modems. Surfing the pre-graphic Web with something called Lynx (?). Mosaic (I thought the grey background was cool). 28.8 modems. Can a Neuromancer be far behind?

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