Are You A Good Girl?

Want to send that new grad out there with a feel for what’s really waiting? Give him/her a copy of Sarah Montague’s You Can Be Anything! From A to Z. An Anti-Inspirational Guide to Adulthood. They’re all pretty good but here’s a couple of my favorites:

Fiona is a Failure. Her husband left her for a younger woman. She wasn’t good enough at making him happy and she wasn’t pretty enough to make him stay. Are you good enough so people won’t leave you?! (I hope so!)

Zeke is a Zookeeper. He works forty hours plus overtime at the zoo. He is very quiet and keeps to himself. The thinks the animals speak to him in a secret language. Like when the monkeys throw their feces, they might be saying, “Zeke, we like you best!” Do you like animals?

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